Tips To Run A Successful Social Media Campaign

Here are some great tips to run a successful social media campaign: The first step in building a successful social media campaign is to establish a presence. Of course, this is the easy part. All you need to do is set up a couple of social media profiles on different platforms and start posting content […]


Business Use Instagram

Why your business should use Instagram Most businesses have now cottoned on to the importance of social media for business. For many it begins with Facebook (which has become much more ‘business friendly’ in recent years) and Twitter (also now established as a highly useful business channel). So, it begins with Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately […]


How To Get More Twitter Followers

Want to know to get more Twitter followers? It’s easy to make mistakes with social media. One of the biggest mistakes that businesses tend to make is to think that the most important thing is the number of followers you have. This is the case with all the social media platforms, but it’s probably most […]

Social Media Marketing for businesses using Facebook.

Facebook Active User Facts

Facebook exceeded expected earning of $1.16 billion – achieving $1.18 billion in revenue for Q2 2012 accounding to Factset. But more importantly the number of active users have increased year on year – what an opportunity for all businesses that have a presence on facebook – make sure you have a social media strategy in place! Increase […]