Social Media Marketing can generate incoming enquiries, help build your brand and boost your rankings

As you will no doubt be aware, everybody either is using, or knows somebody who uses social media in one form or another.  You may not be aware that social media platforms are an invaluable marketing tool for your business.  As well as allowing you to keep in constant contact with your customers it can also raise your brand awareness.

We understand that not everybody can keep on top of their social media strategy.  After all it can be a time consuming endeavour to regularly update Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and blogs.  Our Social Media Management packages allow us to manage your social media platforms and so allowing you more time and energy to devote to other areas of your business.

What can we do?

• Create and manage your Twitter feeds, Facebook profiles, YouTube accounts and Blogs
• Professionally design all your pages
• Provide daily updates for all your social media accounts
• Use all your content, (videos, articles, images) as effective marketing tools
• Generate more conversations, clicks and conversions
• Account Management: Facebook posts and Tweets updates managed daily
• Increase your followers and fans through targeted following.
• Provide you with detailed monthly progress reports